Review: Hatepulse

“In Extenso Letalis”
(Rage Achilles)

Black metal.  Orange wood.  Yellow rock.  White fence.  Blue blood.  Hate pulse, but all as one word Hatepulse.  Extreme hate metal, they call themselves.  I aagree; I extremely hate this metal.  Hah!  I used their wordseses against ’em!  JK. LOL. LMFAO!  FTHUOTBUIF!

It can go slow.  It can go fast, but it’s all the same in the end.  A big whirling mass of shit, round and round the toilet bowl, sick anal born sludge, round and round through the sewers and out to the cold senseless sea, swarming with coprophagic life forms, consuming crap.

That’s a metaphor, baby: a metaphor for consumerism and a music industry out of control.  Buying crap, selling crap.  Shit in, shit out, shit all the time.

If you like black metal Hatepulse is pretty good at it.

Yadda, yadda, hey nonny nonny.  I come at night, Satan ruler of this Earth.  Christ will fall.  Satan!   Father! Deathtongue!  Deathtongue!  Deathtongue!