Review: Hanzel und Gretyl

Hanzel und Gretyl
““Uber Alles””

This disc really reminds me of the old days when I used to listen to Pop Will Eat Itself and Rammstein.  Drenched in German symbolism and lyrics, Hanzel und Gretyl are here to become as common as lederhosen. Songs like ‘Third Reich From the Sun’, ‘Mach Schnett’ and ‘Ich Bin Uber Alles’ are heavy on the electronic samples, hard-hitting drums and crunchy guitars that will keep listeners interested.

The main problem I seem to have with industrial is the fact that a lot of times nothing really seems all that original. Bands in this genre seem to copy what’s been done before and this sub-genre for the most part remains stagnant. While Hanzel und Gretyl do give a nod to the their predecessors, they don’t re-create what’s already been done. That’s what makes “Ubber Alles” is a definitive German-industrial classic.