Review: Halfway Home “

Halfway Home “
“A Brand New Subdivision””
(The Death Scene)

Sure, why not throw yet one more Alexisonfire band into the pile and further dumb down the quickly degenerating “screamo” genre. By the way, someone just asked me the other day if it was “Alexis on fire” or “Alex is on fire,” to which I really had no firm answer. I mean, without consistent space bar usage, it could be either, right? So, here’s Halfway Home (or is it Halfwayhome? Or Half Way Home?) with their take on that familiar sound. To be fair, they sound more like single word screamo purveyors Thursday, keeping things singeable, smooth, and simply saccharine. Missing are the screams that gave screamo it’s name, but all the other elements are here. Punchy melodies, progressive guitar escalation, positive vibes all around, and lyrical content I’d rather not divulge. Hint: Trouble with the fairer sex. Not a lot to offer here. And by the way, I adore the new disc by Alexis, or Alex Is, or whatever.