Review: Growling Tiger

Growling Tiger
“High Priest of Mi Minor: Knockdown Calypso”

This is a collection of premium, high-pitched calypso ballads sung in a minor key by the Trinidadian King of Calypso, Growling Tiger. The upbeat, swinging tunes naturally put a shuffle in the feet and sway in the hips. The lyrical exchange between Growling Tiger and the chorus and second vocalist Beryl Horsford is arranged so that Growling Tiger is louder and more to the front with the additional vocals at a somewhat lower level and in the background. The additional vocals answer and respond to Growling Tiger as much as they harmonize.

The rich instrumental arrangement (guitar, fiddle, trumpet, percussion and more) similarly fades into the background. This makes the album very much a vocal experience with the quieter supporting music and vocals encouraging a sing-a-long atmosphere and you may find yourself answering Growling Tiger with the appropriate lyrics.