Review: Fleshies

“The Sicilian”
(Alternative Tentacles)

I slapped this disc into the player, sat down to write the review and immediately jumped up and cranked the volume up another couple notches.  This is what a reviewer waits to have fall in their lap.  The band licks its chops, tasting the feast of a thousand rock and roll meals, from hints of AC/DC to the aroma of Turbonegro to a subtle bouquet of Queens of the Stone Age.  Yet, they stand on their own fearsome feet.
The music careens on a drunken edge; the guitar stands in danger of missing the hair-pin curve and tumbling out into space, the drums hold the accelerator down aimed straight for the brick wall of excess while the vocalist shifts gears recklessly forgoing any particular style for a diversity of loose tongued maneuvers.  And as each song ends giving way to the next I can’t help but think it keeps getting better and better.  This band could easily wind up getting far more attention than they currently are so wise up out there: buy an album and catch a live show before this whole thing blows up in your face spewing hard rock shrapnel for miles around.