Review: God Lives Underwater

God Lives Underwater
“Up Off The Floor”

Nine Inch Nails meets Marilyn Mason humping on Orgy while listening to a Pitchshifter album.  And while all the above need a team of musicians and engineers, GLU is a duo composed of David Reilly (keyboards, guitars, vocals) and Jeff Turzo (keyboards, guitars).  Ok, they use some musicians for their live shows, but the music is born in the two-piece.  Catchy guitars and industrial laced rock.  Big choruses and stripped down electro romps that groove with danceable beats.  Vocals play prominently into the mix, luckily Reilly can hold the presence with a whispery intensity, sounding like he’s taking cues from Reznor without trying to mimic him.  Coming off with a radio ready slickness, but not suffering in any way for it, God Lives Underwater should aptly fill the commercial void left by NIN.  If Orgy could get as big as they did, GLU should have no trouble building a sizeable audience with this release.