Review: Go Betty Go

Go Betty Go
““Worst Enemy””
(Side One Dummy)

Go Betty Go’s five-song EP flies by in a blur of aggression punctuated by introspective and situational (read: relationship) lyrics.  This four-piece female rock outfit crams more emotion and life lessons into five songs than any of us could confide in our lovelorn journals in a month’s time.  I say this with exception to the midway track, “Son Mis Locuras,” only because I have no idea what they are saying, aside from the “Whoas.”  I assume it to be Spanish, which actually makes it more provocative not knowing what they’re singing.  One thing is for sure, the whole song is in the foreign tongue and it just makes we wish I was smarter.  Luckily, they concentrate on the music equally as much as their clever lyrical style and compose structurally-solid songs that are sensibly fleshed by rampant guitar and bass licks.  Plus, an enhanced CD extra features a video for the song “Go Away” and special behind the scenes, meet the band footage.  Go Betty Go is definitely the most appropriate female ensemble to come into this genre in a long time.  Ole.