Review: Glucklich V “Various Artists”

Glucklich V
“Various Artists”
(Compost Records / Jazzanova)

Compiled by Rainer Truby, Glucklich V, is a collection of Brazillian flavours from the past and present.  It’s mostly quite seductive Latin jazz that will do well in many environments and is overall a joy to listen to. The good definitely out weighs the bad here as there are only a couple of tracks I found myself skipping on repeat listens.  Mostly because the offenders were just kind of noodley standards that faded into background music. The Blissom remix of “Rise Ashen” is great on many levels and my favorite on the comp though it’s a close call as there are a few real cinematic gems that put me in 60’s sci-fi vibe instantly and had my mind wandering and hypnotized.  Just about all these tracks have vocals sung in the Spanish language and though I don’t speak Spanish I found myself singing along and not really caring that I had no idea what they were singing. All around a nice comp that any halfway fan of jazz or Latin/Brazilian music will appreciate. Oh’s probably great to either cook or make out to.