Review: Furious IV

Furious IV
“…is that you?”
(Pointed Finger Records)

Furious IV is a three-piece band from Southern California.  They practice a revved-up poppish punk style that’s roughly comparable to, say, Fenix*TX, but occasionally hints at Green Day’s early days due to the prominent basslines laid down by Chachi Garza.  There are a few complaints to be submitted about “…is that you?”  Guitarist and singer Ian Flannon’s growling tones can get a little redundant, and his lyrics are occasionally lacking.  Take “Put It Down,” a song about a failed relationship, which begins with Flannon emoting, “I was given a gift / I know I didn’t deserve one / like a little boy on Christmas morning / I ripped it open.”  Boy.  Taken in the context of the whole album, though, these gripes fade away a bit, and don’t steal any shine from tight songs like “Count Me Out,” “Threw The Teeth,” and “Reno.”  While Furious IV is a band that may lack elementary counting skills, they make up for it with general musical goodness.