Review: From Autumn To Ashes

From Autumn To Ashes
“The Fiction We Live”

The more ‘The Fiction We Live’ rattles around in my trusty old CD player, the more I realize that From Autumn to Ashes are being dealt one crummy hand. While Avenged Sevenfold are primped and primed to replace AFI in the underground gothic punk scene (see our review elsewhere in this issue), this band continues to release album after stellar album of like-minded music.

A touch heavier than either of their contemporaries for the most part, this release relishes in pounding listeners over the head with direct death metal and hardcore influence. But before you write them off as another collection of black metal goofballs, realize that when FATA emote on The Fiction… they are one hell of a depressingly beautiful band. A track like “’No Trivia’” would be equally at home on Sing The Sorrow with its expressive, effeminate vocal delivery and dissonant musical tendencies.

It could even be a radio hit with people who miss the bawling, self-loathe of early 80’s new wave. This is obviously a band of incredible musicians with just as much introspection as aggression. What a beautiful mix.