Review: Grandpaboy

“Dead Man Shake”

This first song kicks so much ass I can’t believe my ears.  This is some serious rock music.  Imagine a current day version of “Johnny Be Good” with a sound that truly sounds as vintage as the music.  I’m talkin’ rock via the 60’s, blues influenced, country influenced, and as warm a tone as any I’ve heard.  But this is Paul Westerberg formerly of the Replacments that we’re talkin’ about here.  Any one who is a Replacements fan or Westerberg fan for that matter will be ecstatic with thier first listen of this blues/rock masterpiece.

The album continues on with several more traditional rock blues songs that have the soul of many classic blues artists.  Then we go back to “Bad Boy Blues” which brings the reverb, the harmonica, the classic guitar twang, and Pauls classic vocals.  “Dead Man Shake” echos with experience in writing, recording, and playing music.  From the use of slide guitars to reverb on snare drum, you will find it hard to believe that this is a brand new album.  “Dead Man Shake” is an album that anyone who calls themselves a blues fan should get.