Review: Folklore

“Signal to Trust””
(Modern Radio Records Company)

It takes a strong man to dedicate their lives to making a record.  It takes some deep thought to make even the worst of records.  However, it takes an even stronger man to make their record pink.  To me, a pink record just screams out like me for the music and not for how cool the music looks.  It reminds me of my roommate freshman year in college.  This guy drove a mid seventies BMW with the original paint and manual windows.  You know the kind; they’re boxy and ugly as hell.

Well this guy decided to put a BMW M5 racing engine in this piece of shit just so he could beat anyone at a street race and he beat many of supped up vehicles because his car didn’t weigh very much and his engine was the best.  Now that is about the coolest thing this guy ever did because Clint was a real douche bag.   Okay folklore is the same thing.  Pull this disk out at a party and people would be like “what kind of pussy ass shit is this”?  Then the first track would come on and immediately they’d be put to silence.  Sophisticated rock music with complex time signature and educational lyrics with an off kilter delivery.  Handsome on the inside.