Review: Firebird Band “The Drive”

Firebird Band
“The Drive”
(Cargo Records)

Dammit people, listen to this.  The Firebird Band seems to be one of these bands that I run around and tell people to check out, and they won’t.  Is it the name?  Do they actually listen and don’t comprehend?  It is a bit different.  I mean, “sampler music” isn’t really a lot of peoples’ gig–it’s not mine.  Then why is this genius?  This fits a requirement of genius.  Listen to it and then try to draw a direct sonic comparison.  It’s difficult.  Thus it equals genius, like it or not.  But the Firebird Band creates moods, then pops them into little indie rock grooves just when you thought this whole thing is a kid in his bedroom wanking on his keyboards.  That’s exactly what this EP starts the listener with in “Summertime Boyfriend,” which has weird little anti-reverse fades that sound like the songs end, but then it pulls back in.  Believe me, that makes sense if you actually heard this band.  Which you will.  How can you not, now that I’ve challenged you?  Want more reason?  Okay, the main creative force behind this once side-project and now full time unit is Chris Broach.  He is the split in the song writing faction that was Braid, with the other members having since gone on to Hey Mercedes.  Such diverse moods are created here, achieving passion like The Cure did in their more grand and deep moments.  Guitars and drums are utilized, but as an element, a piece of a composition, a snapshot of observation that The Firebird Band seems very adept at creating.  This is almost a more electronic soaked version of The Owls–simply amazing.  Although, I will admit the last song “Wish” is mostly self-indulgent wankery that doesn’t go anywhere, this is definitely another band I will praise alone in a corner somewhere as they fill that void of the band you like that nobody else has even heard about.  Prove me wrong.  Please, prove me wrong.