Review: Face Tomorrow

Face Tomorrow
“For Who You Are”
(Reflections Records)

I don’t care that the press sheet says I should think this band sounds like At The Drive In or Boysetsfire or Radiohead or Thursday or This Beautiful Mess or Muse; I hear Far.  And I like Far, therefore I like this, right?  Wrong.  Face Tomorrow create a slight variation on the modern emotional rock style, featuring post-punk guitars that throb and churn with constant driving energy and mixing frenetic heaviness and subdued beauty.  Just like ATDI.  Which becomes more and more apparent with every listen.  But it’s all just a footnote to the singer’s overpowering vocal range.  And for this indiecore/screamo band out of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, that’s the deal-breaker.  That, and the fact that even though the band has the ability to play their instruments well and put together interesting songs, the end result is merely a replication of efforts by any number of groups, new and old, including all the bands listed above.  People don’t want to remember you for who you sound like.  They want to remember you for who you are.