Review: Bouncing Souls / Anti-Flag Split

Bouncing Souls / Anti-Flag Split
“BYO Split Series Volume IV”
(BYO Records)

Getting two different bands in the same genre to cover six of each others songs is a great idea, but Bouncing Souls and Anti-Flag? It’s so crazy it just might work. And it does! This is another chapter in the latest of BYO’s ‘I cover you, you cover me’ series, and as usual, it’s pretty decent. Speaking of decent, what really a bonus is that they include stuff to read in the booklet (history, lyrics etc) which is unusual for (for lack of a better word) novelty albums, although this is far from being a one spin record. Bouncing Souls cover “Punks in Vegas”, “No Security”, “That’s Youth”, “Bryan’s Lament”, “We’re Coming Back”, and “Less Than Free” in the typical BS style: fucking rad. Anti-Flag does “America Got it Right”, “Smash it to Pieces”, “No Borders, No Nations”, “Gifts From America: With Love, the U.S.A”, “The Freaks, Nerds & Romantics” and “Ever Fallen in Love” very well, following the same tempo but giving it the AF touch. Very excellent release; fan’s of Bouncing Souls and/or Anti-Flag should pick this up.