Review: Face to Face

Face to Face
“How to Ruin Everything”

Face to Face, a band that has had the yo-yo effect with criticism from the media and their fans, has finally gone back to their punk rock roots–and I thank my lucky stars for that. Their previous albums, Reactionary and Ignorance Is Bliss, gave listeners an in-depth look at how skilled and professional these guys are. The songwriting and composition that was involved in making these two albums definitely heightened their reputation as one of the hardest working and dedicated bands around. However, they would also receive negative reaction from old F2F fans and prissy critics. “How To Ruin Everything” goes back to their original pop punk sound, adding a little modern touch to it. This album is a sample of how promising F2F is as a unit and as an influential part of music history. “Bill of Gods,” “Unconditioned,” and “Shoot the Moon” are just a few songs out of the 15 that really stand out and reiterate the obvious–Face to Face is definitely here to stay.