Review: Eyes Of Fire

Eyes Of Fire
(Century Media)

Everyone under 25 has this massive hard-on for In Flames and when I hear their wanky keyboards and (at times) Korn-esque vocal delivery, I just can’t imagine how they could be the carriers of the metallic torch. Especially when you’ve got Eyes Of Fire belting out music of a similar breed yet without that traditional European prog element. Instead, these guys are the musical equivalent of being suckered by one of those Monty Python 16 Ton weights: you’re squashed by the pure weight of it, but are still impressed because there’s a hint of intelligence behind the delivery. Now think of that in comparison to like, every other death metal band that is just happy to smash their instruments with blunt objects or recreate some Shakespearian meeting of the Fairies behind the pipes of pan or whatever medieval bullshit they sling these days.