Review: Destruction

“Sentence of Death/Infernal Overkill”
(SPV Steam Hammer)

I have no idea what the deal with this CD is since it doesn’t say if it’s some kind of reissue and it certainly doesn’t sound remastered or otherwise fucked about with.  Whether it’s a reissue or not doesn’t matter; the debut EP “Sentence of Death” and the full-length follow-up “Infernal Overkill”, are thrash metal classics.

“Infernal Overkill” itself is easily up on the top ten greatest metal albums of all-time list and throw that onto a CD with the incendiary debut EP and what you got you can’t go wrong with.  The riffs are blistering, the vocals sinister and the attitude is pure old school thrash.  These two albums, released in 1984 and 1985, are quite simply must own items for anyone who claims to be a fan of thrash and speed metal.

“Sentence of Death” rips things apart with an early rendition of their classic tune “Mad Butcher” and builds up the momentum for “Infernal Overkill’s” highlights such as “Invincible Force” and “Bestial Invasion.”  The riff for “Bestial Invasion” itself is so perfect and full-tilt it’s a small miracle of the genre.  It plants itself, roars full-bore ahead, repeating and repeating and then redoubling in force and grace.  The song alone is worth the price of admission and its not like these guys are some extinct dinosaurs of a time long past.

They still tour, release albums and, in fact, have a new one coming up called “Metal Discharge” that has the potential to be their best ever if they manage to top its predecessor “The Anti-Christ.” So stay on top of things, buy the past and prepare to buy the future.