Review: E.Town Concrete

E.Town Concrete
“The Renaissance”
(Razor and Tie)

With Rap/Metal quickly becoming a dirty word, but it only takes an artist that has their own style and flow to show us that it can be done properly. E.Town Concrete are here to combine dynamics, metal riffs, hardcore and a little hip-hop into one walloping record.

“The Renaissance” is E.Town Concrete their own musical limits to achieve something truly amazing. Utilizing elements of bands like P.O.D, Stuck Mojo and hardcore giants Biohazard, E.Town Concrete to form something entirely their own. This album runs the gamut of emotions and feelings from boasting in ‘More Than Incredible’ to the acoustic ‘So Many Nights’, where frontman Anthony Martini tells the story of growing up amidst hardships.

The album also features a couple heavy-hitter guest spots with Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and Christian Machado (Ill Nino) on ‘Battle Lines’, the heaviest track on the record. E.Town Concrete is nothing like the sheer number of copycats out there rapping because it’s the trend, these guys really fucking good. If you’re into something fresh and want to be taken on a ride through emotions then “The Renaissance” is what you need.