Review: Eterna

“Terra Nova”
(Crash Music)

From Brazil, it’s Terra Nova!  Was the world holding its collective breath in anticipation of a Brazilian power metal band?  If so, then the world can finally exhale for Eterna has arrived and filled that Brazilian power metal void we’ve all felt in our hearts for so many seemingly endless years.  Unfortunately, our wait wasn’t entirely worthwhile.  I hate to be the bearer of ill news especially about something as widely anticipated as the third release from Eterna (in my neighborhood people we’re lined up around the block waiting for the store to open its doors on Tuesday at midnight), but somebody has to break the news.

With such crushing disappointments under all our belts as Star Wars Episode’s One & Two, The Simpsons Season 14 and the return of Futurama we should be pretty well buffered for the news that Eterna’s “Terra Nova” is not all that we had been hoping for.  Now, I don’t want to outright call the album bad, but when you’re looking forward to it like we have been it’s just a big let down.  The vocals are strong, powerfully belted out and full of emotion, but they never seem to hit full stride or seek out more difficult and interesting melodies.  Similarly, the musicianship is rock solid, but we got limestone when we all expected nothing less than granite.  I’m sorry I had to tell you all.  Let’s not give up on them yet.

You know, Episode Three might actually be good so why not wishfully think Eterna’s next one will be too?