Review: Envy

“A Dead Sinking Story”
(Level Plane)

Japanese hardcore!  The lyrics are actually in Japanese too.  Now this is cool, I can’t ever understand hardcore bands vocals and now it doesn’t matter.  The music is edgy and intense, with bridges of melancholy drear.  I wonder if these guys get the Japanese girls that wear those private girls school outfits.  Damn those are hot.

The lyrical content is equally potent as the music.  Laced with poetic depression, and disconnected pessimism, the only way to check them out is to read the inside cover of the CD.  I do find it interesting that hardcore music may be having an underground explosion in Japan as well as the U.S.  I think that I’m going to have to investigate.  I’ll dress like a Japanese school girl and check myself into one of their schools.  From there I’ll infiltrate the underground hardcore scene and report back.  I won’t even look at the girls, I swear.