Review: Embrace Today

Embrace Today
(The Life Recording Company)

Embrace Today’s message can pretty much be summed up by examining the lyrics to “Pissed Off”: “The time is now to think it out / Get up and make a change / With X’d up hands…We need to start / We need a spark…Pissed off music for positive kids…Pissed off but positive”.  Embrace Today do their best to make up for their lack of actual musical skill with sheer amounts of volume and energy.  Earth shattering vocals and a constant barrage of sonic defiance characterize each pulverizing song.  Personally, I prefer a little Bad Religion sugar and cream in my punk rock, and this straight-outta-the-jungles-of-Guatamala-no-filter-necessary-kick-you-in-the-groin-java is just a little too strong for me.  All eight tracks sound like a prolonged car accident in that they grab your attention right away and you might even turn your head to quickly observe the destruction before driving by the wreck as quickly as possible on your way to the grocery store for toilet paper.  The final track of “F.Y.I.E” is “Cold Day in July” which, unless I’m mistaken, is also the name of a Dixie Chicks tune.  It’s my ex-girlfriends fault that I know that, but truth be told, I think I prefer the Chicks to Embrace Today.