Review: El Nada

El Nada
“Nothing For Nobody”
(Finger Records)

Punk Rawk!!!  El Nada sings “Surf Skate” and baby I’m from Orange County and that’s all I wanna do! They nailed it on that one.  Rather enjoyably I listen to the super quick guitars and short but sweet lyrics in “Hero” and “G Spot.” Even a little poke at the USMC…so fucking cool?  Maybe I don’t agree whole-heartedly but I can agree with “Police Chase” – word.  El Nada’s explosive intros into every song, quick vocal style with machine gun drums and furious guitars – I’m in love.  “Fuck” what a great song title, and big surprise it’s about some whore (or something like that).  No one can say punk rockers are uneducated as proven in El Nada’s “Suits and Politics.” El Nada has a lot to offer and I bet they’re fucking awesome live too! And in closing I would like to say “Bums get a job!!!” Yeah!!!!