Review: El Nada

El Nada
“Nothing For Nobody”
(Finger Records)

There’’s this raunchy element that permeates any El Nada album making you feel kinda cheap for listening to them, but you love it all the same. Isn’t that what real punk rock is supposed to do anyway? Maybe it’s their blend of early Suicidal Tendencies with some gutter punk sleaze and SoCal upbeat pace for good measure…a strange mix indeed. Still, they’ve never disappointed and Nothing For Nobody is another heaping spoonful of their barb-infested brew.

Street level punk rock that’s full of goofiness, bravado and kick-ass guitars that just don’t let up on your already overloaded senses, this feels like it could fall apart at any second. This dangerous, rickety vibe makes Nothing For Nobody a regular on the van stereo: it matches my driving skill.