Review: El Gigante

El Gigante
“The Official Guide To Loss”
(Tiberius Records)

I have to admit that I made a slight pre-judgement on this CD. I wasn’t into the cover so I threw it in thinking It might suck.  Well, I should just get a slap on my little prejudicial hand shouldn’t I?  The music can be best described as a mix between Helmet, Soundgarden, and Barkmarket.  The guitars have a powerful overdriven sound which is backed by some solid drumming. The vocals sound like a mix of Aaron Stauffer (Seaweed), and Ozzy Osboure in his 90’s faze.   El Gigante aren’t afraid of dubbing in samples or mellowing out on songs, and they do so strategically throughout “The Official Guide To Loss”.  El Gigante turned out to be pretty cool, but I’m still not into the cover.