Review: Eastern Youth

Eastern Youth
“Where Can You See from Your Place”
(Five One Inc.)

Have ya ever been to Japan? If you’re reading this magazine you probably have. Because being the hip, globe-trotting, “mocha-latte” ordering trendsetter you are, you know that small obscure magazines make good reading; in English or Japanese! Thanks to a sparse press sheet provided with “Where Can You See from Your Place” I was able to properly translate not only the name of the album, but the band members names as well!

Eastern Youth, hailing from Japan are comprised of Hisashi Yoshino on guitars and vocals, Tomokazu Ninomiya on bass and Atsuya Tamon on the skins. This is some great shit that you should be listening to if you like Fugazi, No Knife or Cursive. The latter of which Eastern Youth released a split EP with last year entitled “8 teeth to eat you.” Nice! The entire ten songs on “Where Can You See from Your Place” are sung entirely in the bands’ native tongue of Japanese. Very chique, “Order me another latte, would you Reynaldo?” Hey how’d that get in there!?! That’s just an excerpt from my diary, pay it no mind!

Frenetic can best be used to describe Eastern Youth’s sound. Very fast, yet containing such a melodic pop appeal – it kinda makes you wanna learn Japanese just so you can understand what the fuck the guy’s saying. Yes, Japanese as a foreign language next semester at the Community College of your choice, and recommended listening should be Eastern Youth’s “Where Can You See from Your Place.” Indeed yet another overlooked and underrated band that should have all of Omaha, Nebraska opening up for them when touring our luscious America. Buy it, burn it, shoplift the muthafucka if you’re still all hopped up on latte’s like the hip motherfucker you know you are.