Review: Dumpster Junkies

Dumpster Junkies
“Psychopathic Thoughts”
(Rodent Popsicle Records)

Nothing like a terminal case of ‘only-itis’ to bring down an otherwise good, full-blown, fast, screaming from the drainage ditch hardcore band.  Whenever somebody says anything like “No one knows the pain inside,” I have to shake my head and smirk.  Yeah, you’re the number one fucking unique human being out of the seven billion plus on the planet that has completely unique feelings.  None of the other seven billion humans on the planet has ever hurt inside like you.  Give me a goddamn freakin’ break.  The rest of the lyrics on the album deal with getting even, making claims that others do not know who they are fucking with when they fuck with the singer of the Dumpster Junkies and so forth, you know, fight, fight, fight, etc… If this sounds like something that’d appeal to you then I highly recommend you pick this album up since it’s better than most of its ilk.