Review: The Doubt Machine

The Doubt Machine
“Controlled Confusion”
(Out Records)

This is what Black Sabbath would play at their after-show party if they were still around.  Take equal parts trip-hop industrial noise and blend them with a smattering of evil and you’d come close to what this CD is all about. Most tracks are made up of analogish drum sounds, twisted FX and samples from who knows where all squished together in tight dark grooves that creep out through your stereo. It may sound like not much is happening but that is the beauty of music like this. All you need to hear is in there and upon one
listen will also be in your head in an uncompromising way.

A warning to film students: Listening to this CD will sway your creative output towards the direction of the psycho-horror genre.  This is definitely moody stuff that will pull you in and get you exploring your dark places.  I like it. Check the website for more info and tracks snippets.