Review: Domain

“Far From Within”
(Sadistic Records)

Domain play a sore-throated style of stilted off-balance hard-core scrambled with metal.  With vocals that always screech and sometimes seem to parody rapping as if a Chihuahua was given voice lessons by Eminem and frenetic guitars, the band has energy to spare and plenty of interesting time changes and chord variations to keep the album from getting dull.  The band has all its ducks in a row, eggs in the basket, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be viciously, ruthlessly and outright unceremoniously killed in production.  The sounds are so thin and weak as to sometimes run the risk of cutting out all together.  The drums sound like they were recorded from within a giant vagina, the vocals barely escape the tight confines of a giant asshole and the guitars come squawking out from some indeterminate area in the abdomen, muffled by organs, muscle and skin.  It’s too bad.  They could have really had something with this album, but instead I sit here wishing my ears weren’t being so undeservedly abused by this rotten mess.