Review: Anti-Flag

(A-F Records)

Peace punkers Anti-Flag return with their fifth full-length release on their very own A-F records after selling 100,000+ copies of “Underground Network” on Fat Wreck Chords.  The band has a highly accessible friendly punk sound that shouldn’t necessarily scare away fans of Green Day and Rancid, but might unsettle said fans with their more in your face lefter than left politics.
The album opens up with their immediate response to the terrorist attacks of yesteryear with “911 for Peace.”

The title expresses the message of the track, asking for the governments of the world, corporations and people to view the September 11th terrorist strikes as a wake up call to stop the widespread killing and hatred and to open up to others with empathy, compassion and respect. I expected a more vicious form of anarcho-punk rock based on the name of the band, Anti-Flag, but find them to be a very upbeat, pop sounding unit.  The vocals are melodic, maintaining a constant shout, but are ultimately more spoken than sung.  That said, more bands should impregnate their lyrics with politics and not be so afraid of politically ostracizing non-political fans.  Anyway, everyone should be political because eventually politics will bite you in the ass and if you don’t believe it, then ask any New Yorker.

On “Mobilize,” Anti-Flag displays eight new songs in addition to eight live songs, which includes at least one tune from each of their full-length albums.  This release also includes a sampler CD featuring one track from each A-F Records release to date with tracks by The Code, Thought Riot, Justin Sane and The Voids to name a few.
I think you should buy this album.