Review: D.O.A.

“War and Peace”
(Sudden Death)

Subtitled 25th Anniversary Anthology, this collection includes recordings from 1978 (Disco Sucks 7″) to 2001 (Win The Battle). This seminal, incredibly influential Canadian hardcore band was instrumental in laying out the hardcore formula for all of North America to follow. Listening to tracks such as “World War 3”, “War” and “Death to the Multinationals” show that frontman Joey Keithley has been remarkably consistent in keeping his band on message.

Decrying war and a new world order with great punk rock Activism and angst aside and even putting aside that anti-disco anthem, Keithley has always had a penchant for a pronounced and heavily accented rhythm which probably is one reasons why his music has succeeded so well to reach over 500,000 total record sales.