Review: Disfear

“Misanthropic Generation”

Ah, Scandinavia, home to guys with weird names that love to play in metal bands.  Granted, Misanthropic Generation has a lot of punk ‘n roll in their metal, but it’s still metal nevertheless.  “Disfear” showcases the vocal talent of Tomas Lindberg (formerly of At the Gates) and his nihilistic, attitude toward life in general.  Trust me, if you lived where the sun shines for about three months out of the year, you’d be nihilistic, too.  Accompanied by crusty guitars and rapid-fire bursts of drums, Lindberg and company tear through a dozen tracks full of hopeless sentiments and raucous structures.  Listen at your own risk, especially if you happen to have a name like Gu or Frykman or Bjorn, or something along those lines.