Review: Diastemata

“Self-Titled EP”
(Mud Memory Records)

Diastemata plays sweetly erratic and gently stumbling guitar lines, with quirky flows that seem to find where they are going easily enough.  A breathy female vocal is your lyrical guide, sugar soft and smiling.  Haven’t been so impressed with such attentive guitars since Edie Brickell’s “What I Am” way back when.  Picture the talent that created that guitar riff, and give it a sweater and a poem book and tell it “everything is gonna be alright.”  Add in a girlfriend with a voice that cares.  And you know who the boyfriend really is in this equation?  The guitar is, as Meade Krosby is the musician responsible for the vocals AND guitars.  And considering the only other musician is a drummer, that’s a focus most wouldn’t put upon themselves no matter how big the ego.  You really have to hear the intricate rhythms she creates on the six string to appreciate how she loops with her talented hands, and then caresses with her vocals.  Occasionally, an odd twang or other audio spice finds its way in (hear the door stop ‘boing’ in “Deliverance”), but mostly it’s the two-piece, with three elements.  Rambling with intention.  Tripping on its own distractions.  Quite lovely.