Review: Dew Scented

Dew Scented
(Nuclear Blast)

Super fast thrash.  Yeah, that old school thrash where the guitars sew themselves, needle-like into manic, ripping tempos while it’s pummeled by those crisp double bass kicks.  While they do command an abrasive presence, Leif Jensen needs to add some dynamic to his vocal approach.  Mix it up a little bit, because the music strives to offer change-ups, but the vocals maintain the same (albeit demonic) aggressive bark with a raspy monotone, and probably fall on the harsher side of listenable compared to a lot of the 80’s thrash which inspires the band.  But Dew Scented seem to want to kick that sound in the ass a bit and offer something more aggressive.  Think the difference between early Metallica and Slayer, with Dew Scented falling more toward the Slayer end.

What Dew Scented do well, is never slowing down.  Constantly thrashing.  Every track just tears your face off.  No filler.  Metal for the metal lover, as this is just a bit too extreme for the hard rock crowd.  Any 80’s thrash fan should find something of worth in Dew Scented.  Speedy, gutsy guitars and train wreck double bass.  Raaawr.  And they name all their albums (four of them now) with “I”.  Tricky German fuckers ain’t they?