Review: Desa

“Demonstrates Birth”

I was looking at the cover of this album which is an anatomical profile of a pregnant woman and I got thinkin’.  I just don’t agree with all this miracle of birth b.s.  That thing looks like a little parasitic alien sittin’ in there.  Curled up in hibernation ready to spring a lifetime of bills on your ass.  “Demonstrating Birth”, much like pregnancy, was a hard thing for me to get through.

This is a four song preview from Desa’s upcoming album, that consists of generic pop/punk tunes.   I feel like I’ve heard this album already, like twenty times.  The main variable on “Demonstrates Birth”  is its switch from pop rock to metal at moments that won’t catch you off guard.  Lyrically, this may be more painful than anything I’ve ever gone through.  Song one starts “Sleeping tight, contented sugerplums danced.”  Contented fuckin’ sugerplums!  What the shit!  Don’t have a kid, and don’t listen to this.