Review: Death on Wednesday

Death on Wednesday
“Songs to _______ to”
(SideCho Records)

Death on Wednesday have got a good thing going.  They’re punk, they’re channeling Morrissey, they’ve got a little be-bop, Brian Setzer sound thrown in for kicks, they toured like all summer with Face 2 Face and chicks dig them.  This little five track EP (six, if you count the hidden song) has been out for a while and if you haven’t been enjoying the melodies and smooth croonings from lead vocalist Nate Lawler’s mouth then your summer has been decidedly lacking.

Death on Wednesday have the ability to go back and forth from pleasantly acoustic to a barrage of noise without missing a beat or sounding forced, making the tracks bleed together to form a more cohesive effort than most bands manage from a sixty-minute LP.  Everything has a simple, natural sound that you’ll get in your head and won’t be able to shake.  And you’ll be stoked on that.  There’s more than a little Alkaline Trio here, so if you like them then you need Death on Wednesday.