Review: 1905

(Exotic Fever Records)

When was the last time you heard a band whose sound encapsulated death metal, folk rock and everything in between.  I bet it leaves most fans perplexed that the teacher from Beavis and Butthead and the singer of Cattle Decapitation could be into the same band.  This band’s message is all about liberation and freedom for the world and I think 1905 would favor a 2003 anarchy movement.  In fact, the name is somehow linked to the world wars in a way I bet the band thinks is pretty earth-shattering, but I couldn’’t figure that shit out (too much poetry, not enough substance).

The more notable tracks feature singer and piano player Jess who sound very much like the vocalist of Belle & Sebastian, but this chick can scream too.  There are also a couple of the instrumental tracks on this disc which are reminiscent of Metallica on their few and far between acoustic interludes.  1905’s dynamic use of both male and female vocals with the screaming, singing, whispering, etc. is what makes them most impressive.  Look for the stars.