Review: Spitalfield

“Remember Right Now”
(Victory Records)

Emo is dead. Or at least I wish that it was. No longer are the bands singing of sad stories laid behind a curtain of dreary guitars and tired drums. Goodbye to all the whiny eighty pound front men who’s falsetto’s are excentuated by the tightness of their pants. Spitalfield is a perfect example of taking a genre that is so last season and making it brand new again.

With heavy guitars that make you want to jump up and down, Spitalfield doesn’t re-invent the wheel, they just make it roll along more smoothly. Taking in the catchy hooks and dynamics of pop punk and immerging them with the fear and intensity of post hardcore, Spitalfield has perfected a sound that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. “Remember Right Now” is one of those albums that is full of great songs from start to finish.