Review: Death Machine

Death Machine
(Sensory Dark)

Dark and gloomy metal.  Lots of harshed out whispery and screaming vocals, double bass pummeling, riff stacked upon riff type metal.  It’s all “angry” and “feel my pain” like the lyrical content of a Staind or Drowning Pool song, but with more ferocity on the musical tip.  Highly unoriginal, but holding it’s own.

There is some identity crisis going on with the members and their ‘images’.  There is a devil guy, a goth guy, the hardcore guy, the bald really hardcore guy, and some dude with green and red pantyhose on his head with things tied to the dangly leggings.  They look like they got lost on the way to a bad Halloween party where only half the people are dressed up.

That aside, it’s angry, thumping heavy metal with moments ranging from dismissible to “This ain’t so bad”.  Take it or leave it because when you are wearing red and green pantyhose on your head, you obviously don’t care what other people think anyway.