Review: Count Me Out

Count Me Out
(Indecision Records)

Count Me Out is really good.  While I am anything but a staunch supporter of metal-core, these East Coasters really do their genre justice.  Ever just listen to a band and feel like they’d put on one of the best live shows ever?  Like kids would be jumping around and the singer would be going spastic with the music and your shirt would smell like sweat even after you washed it twice?  I definitely get that impression from Count Me Out.  Super quick, furious beats coupled with clean, effortless guitars create a sonic wall of noise rivaled by maybe Bad Brains and Poison the Well.  Add a laryngitis inducing lead singer with the ability to craft socially conscious (‘This is Getting to be Too Routine for Me’) lyrics and you’ve got yourself a surefire winner.  There is no wasted time on “Permanent”, as nearly all of the twelve tracks clock in under two minutes.  This is certainly a “less-is-more” instance, however, as the ferocity whipped up by the East Coast quintet is never given a chance to diminish, marring an otherwise excellent release.