Review: codeseven

““The Rescue””
(The Music Cartel)

After the first listen this band seemed to be rough around the edges.  Some of the hooks sounded incomplete or not completely displayed.  Time and beat changes occur continuously throughout this record.  In “Smell of Yellow and Black” the time changes threw me for a serious loop.  I would be bobbing my head and getting into the track when all the sudden my head was bobbing at the wrong time.  The changes didn’t sound like they fit or at least that they were in the right place.  Boy was I ever wrong!  The more times I listen to this album the more I like it and the more it makes sense.  Guitar solos melody the voice nicely throughout this record and the use of low-fi keyboards are an excellent complement.  codeseven has created a unique sound through their metal roots and a desire to create a progressive sound.  It is quite obvious this band does not want to make one of their old albums over again.  Musical influences can be heard across the board.  The Rescue sounds nothing like their previous efforts, but the new sound is hot.