Review: Consumed

“Pistols at Dawn”
(BYO Records)

What’s worse than a job interview?  I can’t think of anything I hate more than sitting in a cramped office answering the same thirty questions about hypothetical situations and “describe a time” instances.  On my way to my last interview I popped the new Consumed CD into the Civic’s player and was so enamored with its sound that I almost didn’t notice the slow grind of traffic along the 405.  “Pistols at Dawn” showcases a full-throttle punk attack, growling vocals and thick riffs interspersed with choruses that weave their way through the onslaught like the Civic jockeys for position around Supulveda.  Sure, after a few laps around the player the disc got a little stale as the monotony of the beats (and the traffic) wore thin.

Still, Consumed is heavy enough to make you nod your head like you’re listening to Good Riddance or maybe even a less melodic Hot Water Music and allow you to forget you’re in for two of the worst hours of your life.  “Pistols at Dawn” is good, a much better applicant than you could ever hope to be, you no charisma, resume faking, talentless ass clown.