Review: The Company of Snakes

The Company of Snakes
“Burst the Bubble”

In case you didn’t know The Company of Snakes is more or less the original cast of characters that made up White Snake except without that annoying hollering vocalist.  That said they’re probably better than White Snake insofar as they seem very true to southern themed rock and roll, thick with an infusion of blues and country/western rhythms and beats.  Absent are any lyrics about pick-up trucks, but front and center are opuses detailing trailer home life, techno phobic hillbilly wisdom and wicked women.  What more could you want in Americana from a bunch of guys I suspect ain’t even citizens of the U.S.? Good song writing?  Well, you get that too.  The songs remain consistently bluesy throughout and the vocalist, sounding a bit like a Dixie fried version of a young Danny Elfman never puts himself before the music.  It’s all well rounded, strangely sincere and definitely out of place in the current musical climate, but that just makes me like it all the more.  Never underestimate the odd man out and the old fogies of rock.  Not all of them are marionettes controlled by dollar signs some of them just want to play you music.