Review: Cadillac Blindside

Cadillac Blindside
“These Liquid Lungs”
(Fueled by Ramen)

This CD starts out fucking rad. Two chords, with a little  sway, can go a long way if they’re heavy and repetitive for a  short amount of time. Excellent way to intro into an album.  Cadillac Blindside is an excellent band from Minneapolis, with  the usual emo rock thing going on, but done way better then  your average bear’s version. Okay, so it’s not going to gag  you with enormous, emotion filled lyrics that make you want to cry in your mommy’s arms, but with “You’re setting fires inside my head. I’d like to believe you. It’s not arson, maybe just a warm, goodbye from me. It’s cold inside my heart, cold dark and crazy. Sweater weather for you, and a straightjacket for me.” it’s not over the top either and feels genuine, something that, with all the emo clone bands out there, is getting harder to find. Track six, “Empty Bottle Evening,” is just another example of why I unconditionally love Fueled By Ramen and just about anything they put out. What an awesome fucking song. Includes good Drive Like Jehu guitars, excellent drumming (especially for a girl!), and a hooky rock feel. Quite an excellent band, and on such a tasty label. Probably the be-

Wait. I just logged onto their website, and in the news, it  says that they broke up. Fucking lame.