Review: Comets on Fire

Comets on Fire
(Alternative Tentacles)

I, for one, haven’t been impressed with a lot of the garage revival shit going on right now.  So few of the bands really capture the essential “strangeness” of the whole thing, instead offering up batches of streamlined, retro-pop confections.  I don’t even want to start naming names.  Instead of taking the bold, futuristic, experimental cues of the bands that inspire them they most frequently take a dozen steps backward into AM radio-ready pooland.

Comets on Fire are another case entirely.  This is seriously messed-up, psych garage that totally makes it fresh with their manic, schizophrenic energy.  This is deranged, lo-fi, tape-delayed, squalling madness.  This is fucking GARAGE.  This is a fucking awesome record by a fucking awesome band.  I really would love to see them live.  Apparently this was their first album (kudos to Alternative Tentacles for re-releasing it!) and more stuff of theirs is floating around.  I’ll fucking buy it.  I’ll seriously fucking buy it.