Review: Caustic Resin “Keep On Truckin”

causticalbum 1
Caustic Resin
“Keep On Truckin”
(Up Records)

Brett Netson is somewhat of an unknown hero, considering today’s unimaginable and immense popularity of “our” once sacred “indie-rock.”

Having played in the O.G. line-up of Built to Spill would be clout enough to respect this guy – but with also fronting the tremendously talented and underrated outfit known as Caustic Resin – Brett Netson certainly seems to stand alone in a crowd of few musicians that are making great music on their own terms.

With several albums under his belt, this latest offering “Keep On Truckin,” is a venture into the indie/jam/grunge & fuzz world that is Caustic Resin.

If “Keep On Truckin” had been released in the early to mid-nineties, when the world was enamored with Seattle – Brett and his Caustic “Crew” would’ve probably made so much fucking cash, that they all would’ve bought nightclub establishments somewhere in Cabo San Lucas!

But seriously folks; “Keep On Truckin” (like many of Caustic Resin’s previous albums) is destined to be a sleeper-keeper amongst the staunchly independent pricks who own/work at “independent” record shops – and of course good folks like yourself and me who just wanna rock-out while doing some bongloads.
With nine guitar-driven songs clocking in under just under fifty-five minutes, “Keep On Truckin” is yet another brilliant album by an extremely underrated band.

“Wizard Of The Upper Snake River”, the fourth track on the record should be nominated for…something goddamn it!

That song fucking rocks like crack cocaine!