Review: Catch Twenty Two

Catch Twenty Two
“Dinosaur Sounds”
(Victory Records)

Though serious in their presentation, Catch Twenty Two is a lot of fun.  That’s the most succinct description I can come up with.  The band’s high energy sound is exemplified in this album. These guys take all of what is redeeming, entertaining, and good in pop-punk-ska without throwing in the usual amendment of ‘suck’.  The band’s musical talent is apparent throughout the length of the album (especially their horn section), but sadly the lyrics are just OK- meaning, the lyrics sound great with the music but don’t read nearly as well.  Do not be daunted though, since most other band’s lyrics (even some of my favorites) are subject to the same affliction.

What worries me is the fact that their sound has been done before.  I don’t mean the whole ‘history repeats itself’ scenario that is commonly applied to stuff like Led Zepplin VS. the White Stripes.  I mean that there are previous and existing bands which sound very similar to (and probably inspired) these young musicians- bands like Warsaw or the Bosstones.  Regardless of the fact that these kids didn’t make musical genesis with their album, I did put ‘Dinosaur Sounds’ in my CD player last weekend and blasted it during one of my Bar-B-Q’s; the chicks could dig it; and isn’t that what it’s all about?