Review: Deadwater Drowning

Deadwater Drowning
“Self Titled”
(Blackmarket Activities)

Deadwater Drowning is some kind of Grindcore/Hardcore.  I don’t know how to label this bio-machine that is Deadwater Drowning.  There’s so many genre names these days’ for all I know’ it could be like “Shrapnel Metal” or “Clothesline Core”.  All I know is “Deadwater Drowning” is super fuckin’ hardcore.  And they have a couple funny song names. “Getting Sentimental on that Ass” (notice the g was left on ‘getting’ indicating that this may not be a multicultural experience).  And another, “The Best Sex I Ever Had Started with a 900-number and Credit Card Verification”.

As you would imagine there are grunting vocals, super hyper-speed drumming that seems like it could only be done by a machine, and guitars that are crunchy and at times systematically squeal like a little piggy roasting in a hell pit.  To be honest this kind of shit scares the hell out of me.  I think I might have to go to church this Sunday.