Review: Burns Out Bright

Burns Out Bright
“Distance and Darkness”
(Deep Elm Records)

This debut EP is under 20 minutes, but crams enough emotion into those 20 minutes to rival a Bright Eyes epic. Burns Out Bright is putting emo back where it came from, hardcore. The scariest thing about “Distance and Darkness” is that it is the debut from these four. It sounds like seasoned post-hardcore veterans laying down the smack. This is easily one of the best albums to grace this genre in a long time.

“Twenty-Two” mellows the harder sound found on the rest of the EP, but it does it with an amazing tenderness. Listen close for the loop repeating under the guitar and bass. The subtlety of the song makes it stand out as the strongest on the EP. The overall songwriting skills displayed here put Burns Out Bright way ahead of their peers. If this is just the beginning for these four, I can’t wait to see what happens next.