Review: Brent Arnold & The Spheres

Brent Arnold & The Spheres
“Last Boat”
(Up Records)

Celebrating Up Record’s Tenth Anniversary as one of America’s most elite independent record labels, the notorious Brent Arnold found himself and his debut album “Last Boat” of having the privilege of being Up’s 101st release.

The aptly titled “Last Boat” is a melancholy feast for the masses – as it lingers around that area of your heart where memories of failed love keep a constant residence. Ouch! An accomplished musician in his own right, Arnold has been creating and recording music since the early nineties; though oddly enough, “Last Boat” is his first official album.

Being one of the most talented and prolific multi-instrumentalists currently operating in independent music, Arnold has worked with Modest Mouse, Sleater-Kinney, 764-HERO and Quasi just to name a few of the bands he has collaborated with along the way to the recording of “Last Boat.”

Accompanying Arnold on “Last Boat” are The Spheres. An assembled group of extremely talented musicians from around the area of Arnold’s stompin’ grounds in Seattle, Washington. For fans of coitus, relaxation and bong loads; “Last Boat” is highly recommended for all of the above. Goes best with headphones and candles – even better with coitus and candles. Let her know you still care; one day, clean up the apartment before she gets home from work and have “Last Boat” playing on the stereo when she walks through the front door, and tell her not to worry about dinner cuz’ ya already ordered a pizza. Make sure the candles are lit in the bedroom – if you don’t have coitus after all that, including the assistance of the soothing sounds Brent Arnold & The Spheres…. you’re probably letting her live there for free in exchange for sexual favors and those favors have probably all run out.